Wednesday, August 23, 2006


Hi Everyone. I give you LeadBelly. He is the most Hard Core bird ever, and has complete free reign over the apartment and anyone who enters. He's firstly named after the Blues Legend (also Leadbelly), and secondly named for the fact that his feathers are still clipped from the bird shop, and looks like he's got a belly full o' lead whenever he attempts to fly anywhere. Not to worry, his feathers will grow back in a week or two, and he will be right as rain.
He still does not know how to rescue kittens from trees or burning buildings, but that will all come out in the wash.......and don't worry Jenn, i do not use your kittens for any practicing or tests............


jesus chambrot said...

Lovebirds are the shit. In Florida they congregate near powerlines and many a people of died to get the. True story!

Gene Fowler said...

I love your work!

If you ever want to come back to Canada, give me a call!! You'd be a great fit here!

Anonymous said...

Thanks Gene! HOLY CRAP DO I MISS THE HOMELAND! But i DO love Cowboys. It's a toss-up, but in either case, a fair trade.
To the NORTH!!

Conicon said...

Cintiqs are a sham...Gene should know! :p
I'm good, still out in the middle of nowhere. I miss everyone, 'cept Spence, he's a bastard for leaving me here.
Look at me all fancy pants with a blog now...wooOOOooo~!


Adriana said...

Lovebird!! Too cute :D

Fighting Irish said...

Belly is pretty much the greatest bird ever