Friday, November 24, 2006

Flying.......or at least Trying

(black ink)
My recent Hang Gliding stunt (refer to my photography blog) has been quite the inspiration for many drawings. This first one i hope to turn into a painting, but god knows how long that will take. This is "The Flying Eel Bog". She sort of looks like what would result from crossing Whiley Coyote, with me right after Hang Gliding. It was amazing!

Weekend Sketches

It's been kind of hard to keep in touch with my "Art School" roots lately. I went out this weekend and sat in a coffee house drinking coffee and drawing out the window. A lot of the stuff i did was simply Un-postable, but here are a couple anyway.

Monday, November 06, 2006

Done like Dinner she is. And I decided to leave the creepy demented horse head just for you.

Almost finished

This may very well be the most demented horse head i have ever drawn. If it frightens you.....I suppose I should apologize... Meh. A Background will be soon to follow. Now back to work with me. Much to do!