Friday, November 24, 2006

Flying.......or at least Trying

(black ink)
My recent Hang Gliding stunt (refer to my photography blog) has been quite the inspiration for many drawings. This first one i hope to turn into a painting, but god knows how long that will take. This is "The Flying Eel Bog". She sort of looks like what would result from crossing Whiley Coyote, with me right after Hang Gliding. It was amazing!


BoGiE said...

Jeezus Elaine...all you have to do now is deep sea diving....and then a space walk, then you will have pretty much dont it all eh!
you little dare devil you!
nice swatters = flight nice ;)

pascal said...

That's funny.
For some reason I was imagining you a bit more......hmm..or maybe a bit

great drawing

Pop said...

Hi Elaine, This one is really great, it shows lots of imagination. I hope you finish it as a painting and post it for all to see.
You have came a long way since the Tricycle Days. But even then you used go round corners on two wheels, I should have known what was still to come.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Pops!! I had to get it from SOMEhwere. haha

Anonymous said...

Haha! This put a smile on my face and reminded me of when I was a young lad putting cardboard wings on and trying to fly:) Great job!!!

Firas said...

Hey Elaine! Where are you? Amazing arwork!

Randeep Katari said...

Elaine, simply awesome. Just ... pure quality. Keep it up.


Hans said...

Very cool character and idea. Love the rough energetic lines.

Take care and have a great weekend,


Anonymous said...

Thanks everyone!

Chubbs said...

That's frickin' awesome!!!

Anonymous said...

Great stuff, m'lady!

See you soon, according to our grubby little Bristolian-in-common.

: )