Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Sour Belly

These are just some quick marker sketches i did over the holidays. Man was it nice to be on vacation...back to the daily grind now, but not before the coffee sets in. Hope you all had a nice realxing season, LET 2007 BEGIN! (queue the gong)


Andrew Shek said...

nice parrot, markers are always fun.....looks like hes screaming at someone

Closet Space said...

WOW, does Belly do that alot? Hurrah for the grind, I'm not touching the coffee yet, but the advil has begun to flow in earnest!

neily-o said...

Hi elaine, i really like your marker use, it's really smooth, how did you get it to blend like that?

-Neil (i emailed you about storyboard questions recently)