Saturday, August 11, 2007

William's Coffee Pub

Here are some recent and over due sketches from William's Coffee Pub. A few friends and I decided to meet once a week and sketch till we can't sketch no mores. Seems to help with the.....I don't know..........

I found this ol' broad on campus at Timmie's. I'm pretty sure she put 6 sugars in my coffee instead of 1, but she did hack out a rusty smile in the process. Meh.


Matt Ferguson said...

These are pretty stellar drawings. Nothing beats hardened Tim Horton workers.

Joe White said...

ELAINE!'ve got awesome style Miss.

Spungle-Bungles said...

These are good.. .
you are good at drawing.
I especially like some of the big hair and the over byte.

good work ur.

Sharack said...

Elaine... how the hell are you? Monsters misses you... or at least I do. Your new work is beauty... nice to FINALLY see something new.

Challah back,


Jörn G Punkt said...

Great post. I like much your feeling for shapes, composition and sponanious style.