Friday, August 12, 2011

Traveling Sketch book on "The Grand, Grand Road Trip"

Hi guys!
Here are a few choice pages from my sketch book while out driving around the south west.
We started in Nevada at the Hoover Dam, then through Arizona where we saw all three rims of the Grand Canyon, Antelope Canyon, then up through Monument Valley in Utah, Goblin Valley, Capitol Reef National Park, The Great Salt Lake, then back into Cali through Yosemite and an amazing Ghost Town called Bodie. The trip was two weeks long and MANY pages were filled in my sketch book. Saw AMAZING sights that will be hard to beat.
Happy Friday, and Happy Trails!!!



Rico Jackson said...

Wow it looks like you had a really great adventure! That Pronghorn Antelope looks possessed! My favorite drawing is the last one. So beautiful!

Elaine Bogan said...

Thanks so much, Rico!

Mitch K said...

Someone introduced me to your work. Your drawings are totally rad!

Elaine Bogan said...

Aw, thanks Mitch!
Just checked out your site. Your sketches are great too! Thanks for stopping by :)

Rico, I love that water coloury submarine!

Rico Jackson said...

0___o YOU LIKE IT?! haha THANKS! And thanks for visiting again! Oh boy! =]

armspec said...

What an amazing road trip. I think I would probably just eat up your entire sketch book, but of course you can’t post the whole thing. Real glad for you having put these up though. I thoroughly enjoyed every bit, being reminded of my cartooning days en-route. :P
The captions are gripping and you have beautiful handwriting. Your depiction of “The View”, I guess at Monument Valley, was just great. The trip-o-meter was a really groovy idea, too. I think my favourite of all was at 897.1 miles, when it appears that you maybe ran out of black ink and had to switch to a red pen, but then you wrote underneath: “The Desert Turned Red.” That was fantastic. Congrats on creating such a fun and awesome keepsake!

Elaine Bogan said...

Thanks, Armchair!
Haha, I s'pose while out on the road, one has to make do with whatever ink is available. Just so happens that the rocks WERE a bit red out there too.
Some very kind words. I just checked out your site too. You have a fantastic talent for writing. Do you have drawings posted anywhere?