Sunday, October 09, 2011

31 Zombies, 31 Days

It's October!!! And to maintain the spirit of Halloween ALL MONTH, I have taken on a project.
Drawing 31 Zombies in 31 Days, based on requests from friends. This has turned out to be quite the task HAHA. 
I have a list that will last me until CHRISTMAS, but here are a few of the favourites.

 Late Night of the Living Dead

Zombie Ozzie & Brain Dead Snooki.....or just....Snooki 

Damned Cats

Under The Sea 

Zombie Rides A Bike & Zombie Flies A Kite


Conjoined Twin Circus Zombie & Fine Dining


Reanimated Bacon 

Heads Rollin' Derby Zombie & In Denial Zombie 


Zombies In SPACE


aisha said...

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Bernard Joaquin said...

I only count 26...I couldn't qualify the bacon as zombie according to the zombie book rules Elaine, I like the Coco zombie.

Aiden Glynn said...

Yea these are super awesome Elaine! Im kinda inspired to try and do one drawing a day for a month myself.

Anonymous said...

Hey guys! Thanks!!
HAHA, ya, I guess I only posted the ones that didn't completely suck.
One drawing a day was fun, but half way in I TOTALLY regretted my decision. It was hard work....and I am lazy after 6:00. It did get me back into a good drawing habit though.
Hope you guys are both well!!

Skid Knee said...

This is the best, I love the bacon one!

Anonymous said...

HAHA! Thanks, Skid :)

Michael Babbage said...

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