Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Bearded Ladies for Charity!!

Hey folks! It's that time'o year again :)
Gillian Andersons 2012 National Doodle Day USA: Online Charity Art Auction !!!
Each year more and MORE people, artists, and celebrities doodle away to help those in need. All of these great sketches will be auctioned off on ebay beginning on the 10th of May for a great cause. That's soon!

Check out all the awesome artwork HERE, and see the mad skills of Jeff Bridges, Neil Gaiman, Bill Nighy, Meryl Streep, Simon Pegg, Robert Kirkman, Adam West, Betty White, The Fonz (haha), Martin Sheen, DID I MENTION ROBERT KIRKMAN!!? ....and a whole bunch more.

Here's one of my donations this year. Enjoy, and let the bidding BEGIN!! (on the 10th) haha

For more info: http://doodledayusa.org/index.php