Wednesday, August 08, 2012

DRAGONS: Riders Of Berk

Hello, all!!
SO, as some of you may know, for the last year I have been cranking away on a wee show called "Dragons: Riders Of Berk"! 
We finally had our first two episodes of season one air on Cartoon Network last night with much success. WOOHOO! 
During the first season of the show I Story Boarded on episodes 2, 5, 8, 11, 14, 17 (and possibly some others that I can't remember) AND had an AMAZING opportunity to Co-Direct along side my pal John Sanford with the season finale, episode 20. 
It was a fantastic learning experience, and I am really looking forward to doing some more great work with the whole crew. 
Thanks guys!! And congratulations to all who poured their blood and sweat into our crazy schedule. 
Below are a couple warm up drawings I did while waiting for our air date. haha


BlackRose108 said...
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BlackRose108 said...

Sorry, somehow my first comment got I'll just re-type!

Trust me a majority of the fans are extremely pleased with the humor and heart of the first two episodes, you guys have all done a really amazing job on the show as a whole and everyone's awaiting the actual premier in September!!!!

I'm sorry, but I have to fangirl about it!!! Seeing Berk and the characters more in depth is really great! Those leisurely moments with Hiccup just talking to Stoick, or Toothless, or Astrid are great and it's something we can only really get in the tv show! I'm excited to see the "dark episodes" people have been talking about, but I--as a fan--am really pleased with everything so far!

Anything you can tell us about the show?