Thursday, October 25, 2012

The 30 Zombies in 30 Days Challenge!!

It's BACK! And hard to believe it's already that time of year again. 
30 Zombies in 30 Days is in full swing, and here are a bunch of the favorites so far. I'll post the last of them on Halloween.....the best day of ALL!
Happy October once again, everyone :) 

Zombie Love

Double Date 

Dead Zeppelin Fans
In honor of watching Zeppelin on the big screen last night surrounded by the most amount of hair I've EVER SEEN. haha
Dead Zeppelin: Page & Plant 

Undead Muppets 1
UN-DEADicated to anyone who thinks taking hours of educational entertainment away from the younger generation would be okay (cough Romney cough)

Undead Muppets 2  

Undead Muppets 3 

Undead Muppets 4 

Zombey Boo Boo
Because if there's ANY family on earth in DIRE need of's this one.
Human Rights Activist Zombie 

Vegetarian Zombie 

Zombie does the Worm...because he has to

Zombie Football

Zombie Pugly :)

Dignified Zombie 

Zombie Brook
Brewer of our sweet delicious coffee every morning, cause lord knows we needs it!

Toothless got bit!
Zombies on Berk

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