Thursday, August 01, 2013

The Making of A Murder By Death Poster

Hey guys! 
So here is my process from start to finish of a completed animation cell poster. I designed it for one of my all time favorite bands (who now have a copy of their own, and signed one for me!!! :D ). They are called Murder By Death, and they pretty much kick arse.

Step One: 
After many attempts (usually 6 or 8), I began to digitally nail down an acceptable likeness of the band in a cartoony way. After seeing them again in real life, there are a few things I would have done differently...but....MEH.

Step Two:
After that, I figured out the rest of the rough design in grey scale using Photoshop, while trying to figure out how to best execute this in layers on real paper and animation cell. It's always awesome when you can use your paper/surface medium as a tool to convey depth and effect. It can be just as powerful as your pencil or paint!

Step Three:
After I had everything all planned out, I transferred all the line work onto watercolour paper using a light table (aka, my window haha) India Ink and an old school Calligraphy Pen. My favourite thing to draw with. I would then take this and have it photocopied onto a big cel sheet (transparency paper).

Step Four:
Unfortunately, I don't have any photos of the painting process, but here is the animation cel all painted up and ready for a background. 


Step Five:
Next, I transferred the rest of the background design and lettering onto the bottom layer using my vertical light box (window), and inked/painted everything in.

Step Six:
There she is, all taped together and finished up. Now go listen to their tunes :)


Stodoe said...

Cels are so vibrant. I'm very VERY impressed that you did that much extra work to get the look you wanted rather than the easy route. Congrats on a beautiful piece.

Eel Bog said...

Hey!! Thanks SO much, Dave. I have found a new love in cel paint :) I LOVE the results

el waro said...

I like your job! Are you interested in publishing into a cultural magazine? Please, contact me! Thanks!!!