Monday, October 28, 2013

The 31 Zombies in 31 Days Challenge: 2013

Carrying on the tradition this year with one zombie every day for the month of October!
Here are a few of the favourites so far. Wait for the last few on Halloween!

The Three UnStooges

Civil War Z

Heeeeeere's ZOMBO!

Ropin' Brains

Posse of the Dead

Princess Birthday Cupcake Zombies!! YAYyyy!!!

Meme Zombie


Dead Father Ted

The Golden Ghouls


Grumpy Zombie Cat

Hungry & Hungrier

Karatied all his limbs off

Saturday Morning Zombies

Zombies Playhouse

The Return of Thelma & Louise

Unicorn Powerrrrrrrr

Zombo went Vegan

Yogi & BooBoo: More hungry than the average bears

Zombie Zissou

The ZomBeatles   

1 comment:

Cade said...

Interestingly enough, ZomBeatles is an actual band. I've seen them play at a halloween party.