Monday, November 11, 2013

Ink School

A very badass belated birthday gift was bestowed upon me this evening. A brand new ink brush, and a lesson in inking from theeeeeeee Ken Mitchroney & John Sanford! You guys!! YA! Thank you.
Here are the sketches that resulted from lesson #1.
All the side notes are things Ken instructed me with while we all drew together. WOW.
I started with pencil sketches, and then........INKED. yeeeeHawwwww.
Can't wait to get back to some more practice. Had a LOT of fun with this.
(using a brand new Windsor Newton ~ Series 7 #2 brush) Thanks, John!!

Moving forward, I'd like to work on getting better weight in my line and nicer volume in my drawings overall. Practice practice practice! 


Katie Orcutt said...

Love your work, Elaine! What kind of ink brush and paper do you like to use?

Eel Bog said...

Hi Katie!
For now, I'm sticking' with a Windsor Newton #2, 7 series brush, and I've been doing all my practice roughs on regular ol' computer paper haha! It gets me by. If I decide to do anything fancy I use a hot pressed watercolor paper.....but only for the fancy stuff :)

Thanks for stopping by my blog!!